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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Iron Bell Competition 2016

With a big personal event happening later this year I am restricted to picking one or two Kettlebell Sport events. I picked the NJ IronBell Kettlebell competition, June 25th. Since the beginning of 2016 I decided I wanted to compete in both Biathlon and Long Cycle. This was my first comp of 2016 so I decided to go big, I lifted 24kg in both events.
My mindset going into this was to hit a respectable number in Biathlon and get a huge number in Long cycle. Oh how things change when you're on the platform. Biathlon goals were 90 jerks and 150 snatches (75/75) and then 70+ in Long Cycle. My results from the day were

24+24kg Kettlebell Jerk

24kg Kettlebell Snatch

And this is where things changed. I was thinking 70+ reps when I drove to the location in the morning. That changed after completing snatch to 60 reps. After the break and stepping onto the platform I decided to get Rank 1 numbers.

Kettlebell Longcycle

Everything changes when you are tired and your body starts to feel exhausted. Thats what happened. I respect every lifter that trains and competes in both Biathlon and Long cycle. Its tough on the body and the mind. I can't wait to do it again.
Right now my focus is on building reps and speed. The faster I go, the more reps I can get in done in 10 minutes. So from now till next competition, don't know when that will be, I will continue to wokr on all 3 lifts and build up these numbers!!

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